Teaching Materials – Series I (Gender & Sexuality)

Here you will find all the materials (lesson plans, handouts, assignment sheets, readings) for Series I of the Campus Culture Project. Series I focuses on gender and sexuality, and walks students slowly step by step, through distinct issues of sexual assault awareness. This series is ideal for instructors interested in gender issues or those who feel their students have less previous knowledge of the issue.

Full Lesson Plans: Series I Lessons Plans
Unit 1: What is Sexual Assault? 

Lesson 1 – Rhetoric of College Life
Instructors introduce the Campus Culture Project and students discuss the role that rhetoric plays in influencing their college expectations.

Lesson 2 – Rhetoric Around Sexual Assault
Students consider how rhetoric shapes their attitudes about sex, sexual assault, and its survivors.

Lesson 3 – Redefining Sexual Assault
After gaining awareness of the prevalent messages around sexual assault, students turn to the rhetoric made by victims to redefine what sexual assault is.

Unit 2: What is Consent? 

Lesson 4 – Defining Consent
Students begin drafting a set of guidelines for relationships and consent that they would like members of their campus community to follow in order to keep everyone safe.

Lesson 5 – Consent and Alcohol
Students discuss the relationship of alcohol and consent while considering current laws and debates.

Lesson 6 – Our Guidelines in the Media
With their class guidelines finished, students research a series of pop culture images to see how their guidelines compare to societal norms.
Media packet for identifying messages within media: Media Packet

Unit 3: Commitment to Campus Culture

Lesson 7 – Our Campus and Others
Students compare their guidelines to the university code of conduct and to state laws to better understand why sexual assault remains so prevalent.

Lesson 8 – Bystander Intervention Training
The Women’s Resource & Action Center and the Rape Victims Advocacy Center lead Bystander Intervention Training for participating sections to give students strategies for preventing sexual assault.

Lesson 9 – Changing Campus Culture 
Students will brainstorm ways to change campus culture with regard to sexual assault and make a commitment to do so.