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The Rhetorical Triangle and Rape Culture

Summary: This lesson is designed for the first or second week of a Rhetoric class. It helps students’ build their foundational rhetorical analysis skills by introducing the rhetorical triangle and giving them the opportunity to practice identifying the different elements

Laws, Rape Culture and Society

Summary: Now that students have created a set of guidelines, they will discuss how such guidelines relate to the world outside the classroom.  They will do this by first looking at existing guidelines–Iowa state law and the University of Iowa’s

Our Guidelines in the Media

Summary: In this lesson students will each receive an example of sex or sexual assault portrayed in the media.  Through research and rhetorical analysis the students will decide what messages this sends about sex and sexual assault.  This helps prepare

Defining Consent

Summary: This lesson is designed to let students create their own standards for their community and for their personal lives with regard to sexual assault.  This is the first step towards empowerment, which allows them to see themselves as agents

Messages Around Gender and Victim Blaming

Summary:  In this lesson students will discuss some of the problematic attitudes about sex that surround them in the media and general culture.  Once they have identified some of those attitudes, they will discuss the reading for that day about

Teaching Materials – Series II (Rape Culture)

Here you will find all of the teaching materials for Series 2 of the Campus Culture Project (CCP). This lesson is designed to instruct students to understand the rhetoric about sex and sexual assault around them, and puts the CCP