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The University Wire

This is a compilation of university news stories and press releases from over 600 university news organizations. This can provide useful insight into how different universities are talking about and dealing with sexual assault on their campuses. What is the national dialogue and how does it vary from place to place?

The link above is for the UWire archives, but you can see their latest articles and postings at


Teaching about Sexual Violence in Higher Education: Moving from Concern to Conscious Resistance

This article discusses the barriers to teaching sexual assault awareness in a way that makes students aware of the broader social issues.  It discusses strategies for fighting oppression in the classroom, and gives sample discussion questions and activities at the end of the paper.

Teaching about Sexual Assault: Problematic Silences and Solutions

This article discusses the ways in which common pedagogical practices silence student survivors during discussions of sexual assault.  This is harmful not only to the survivors, but also to their classmates who are allowed to continue viewing sexual assault as a distant reality.  This article then offers advice and strategies for breaking that silence and make sure that survivors feel safe and included in classroom discussion.

Professors’ Experiences With Student Disclosures of Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence: How “Helping” Students Can Inform Teaching Practices

This article shows the results of an in-depth survey taken of instructors who teach about sexual assault awareness or gender studies.  The survey revealed trends about which instructors were more likely to receive student disclosures about sexual violence and how the instructors reacted to those disclosures.  The article finally offers suggestions about how to respond to student disclosures.