What is the Campus Culture Project?

In light of the recent reports about the prevalence of campus sexual assault, the University of Iowa is seeking ways to teach about consent and sexual assault prevention. The Campus Culture Project is a trajectory of lessons that prompt students to think about sexual assault and the cultural narratives that surround it. The project includes student-generated data that becomes a visualization about the attitudes towards sex on their campus, as well as Bystander Intervention Training to help students make their communities safer. The lessons are specific enough to teach sexual assault prevention in a focused, meaningful way, while flexible enough to be incorporated into many different course schedules. The end goal of the lessons is for students to make a commitment to changing the campus culture surrounding sex, and publishing their commitments for other students to see, and hopefully emulate.

Navigate through the class teaching materials and resources available on this website, and view the interactive data visualizations generated from student survey data at the University of Iowa.

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Lesson Plans

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Sample Curricula

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